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Donegal County Council Working in Partnership

Donegal County Council has a strong track record in working in a collaborative fashion at a local, regional, cross-border, national and international level.  Recognising the value of joint working, of creating meaningful synergies with key partners, of sharing learning, perspectives and ideas, collaborative working is an important cornerstone of how we do business and how we engage with all our stakeholders. 


The Council recognises that Donegal has many longstanding global connections and has developed strong relationship with many of the Donegal diaspora through a range of unique and innovative initiatives.  The Council is fully committed to continuing to develop and build new global connections and linkages.


The Councils works in partnership through a number of mechanisms including:


At a local level:

Donegal Gateway Economic Forum

Local Community Development Committee (LCDC)

Donegal Peace & Reconciliation Partnership




At a Crossborder level:


North West Regional Crossborder Group (NWRCG)

Irish Central Border Area Network (ICBAN)



At an International level:


Donegal Diaspora Networks

Tip O'Neill Irish Diaspora Awards




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